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Choose the benzoin tree has 7-10 years old and the radius of benzoin tree from 70cm up.
The best time to star tapping from June to Aug. On that time, benzoin tree have green leaf, flower and available resin.

Farmer climb the trees by a fixed bamboo pole with a rope ladder to tapping tree.
  They also use steel ladder for climb on tree. This ladder is more safety & save time to climb on tree.

Farmer use sharp knife to cut the bark of tree from the top of tree to 1m from ground level. The zise of tapping is 7-10cm wide & 10-12cm depth. 
  After 1-3 weeks, the sticky tear of tree is appear and then resin will continue to be secreted.

After tapping 5 months, In the winter season, the resin will be dried and become hard and fragile.
  This is on time benzoin gum can be collected.

Benzoin Gum crude product.
  Manual cleaning and sorting Benzoin gum processes.

Grade Benzoin gum to grade 1, grade 2, mix grade & powder.
For export we offer mix grade only.
Packing & export benzoin gum.